Become a Difference Maker


When you have a youth art space to run, why not ask the kids how to do it?

The ArtReach Youth Board is a new generation of culture creators who like to ponder, create, plan and interact. In this program, students are asked to consider significant concerns or issues that are relevant in today’s world and brainstorm ways to address them through art. Students will also act as an advisory board, or "think tank," to help plan for events and classes as well as advise the physical set up of the GROW space in The ArtReach Project location at Gateway Mall.

This is for youth artists of all ages upon invitation from the Director. Interested? Contact Tamara to set up an interview.


Student enrollment in each session is granted upon evaluation (current students) or application (new students). Students interested in applying must demonstrate:

  • Artistic skills
  • Interest in serving others
  • A desire to grow, personally and artistically
  • Cooperation skills, must be able to work as part of a team
  • Willingness to be challenged to think and learn in new ways

Youth Board Membership is granted on a quarterly basis for $125/nine week session. The funds raised by this program contribute to the outreach programs offered at ArtReach.

Dates and Times:

The Youth Board will meet weekly on Tuesdays beginning in October.

The ArtReach Project likes to offer classes to youth without excluding anyone based upon ability to pay. Students on the Youth Board will be challenged to help add to the fund by organizing one event per session with other youth "artrepreneurs" who make and sell their own creations. Students on the board will also be challenged to host a monthly art outreach event on PLC days occurring on the last Tuesday of each month when all the LPS elementary schools have an early dismissal.


Session 1: October 3-December 12 (No meeting on Halloween)
Session 2: January-March
Session 3: March-May