Support Us!

Monthly Supporters make it all happen by providing a stream of support, enthusiasm and activity. Be a part of fun and creative things each month while helping us impact the community. Here's how you can help:

It’s more than a’s a Movement

Any donation amount of $25/month or more:

  • GROW: We have projects running all the time that need help. Volunteer with us to help behind the scenes, work creatively to make the projects happen, and be a part of the scene with people and projects as they come to life! Contact the Director with your interest and to hear about the latest projects.
  • GIVE: Spend some time in the space with us to help us give more! We call it creative loitering. Hopefully it’s fun time for all of us and for any who join in!
  • GATHER: You're invited to the Potluck Party! It's a gathering of friends and artists of The ArtReach Project. Check the calendar.

Fine Print:

Support is arranged through our automatic payment system which will make the withdrawal each month on the day you specify from the account you provide. Debit and credit cards are accepted.