Welcome to ArtReach Project #6
The Urban Youth Art Club Project
June-July 2016

We tell kids they can make a difference...but do we take the time to show them how to do it? Welcome to The Urban Art Club Project. This is kids helping kids while making art together. I like to call them "the difference makers". Everybody wins.

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Inspired by: The opportunity to encourage and engage youth who would otherwise have limited access to art education and creative releases and where on-site programming is economically beneficial.

The goal of this ArtReach Project is to partner with other outreach-based organizations in order to create neighborhood art clubs for youth throughout the city in locations where there is already an established community and relationship.


Summer 2016's art clubs partnered with Art Planet's "Difference Makers" youth mentoring group as peer leaders for the art club and Lincoln Park & Rec's "Crunch and Lunch" neighborhood program in The Bay and Peter Pan Park locations. The weekly Tuesday morning art clubs served approximately 40 kids during the months of June and July with 2-3 art activities per week during the hour and a half art club time.