Welcome to ArtReach Project #14
The Saratoga Elementary School Project
Fall Semester 2017

At Saratoga Elementary School there are many cultures, languages, and countries represented through the student body. The ELL (English Language Learner) Classroom partnered with The ArtReach Project to create a giant weaving wall in the classroom. As part of their classroom environment, students had the freedom to choose and weave fabrics together on a life size loom. Students then shared their stories through Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing Projects. The Weaving Wall will be displayed at different Events at Saratoga School throughout the year.

Inspired by: The Saratoga Elementary English Language Learner Classroom

The theme for the semester long project will be "Weaving Our Stories Together." The hope is to instill life skills like teamwork, respect for others, and awareness of the unique stories we all possess.


During the fall semester of 2017, this project was worked on by 40 students Kindergarten through 5th grade.