Welcome to ArtReach Project #1
The Ornament Project
October-November 2015

I couldn't have picked a better debut project if I had tried! Done during the busy fall months of Oct-Nov 2015 in Gateway Mall, this project raised funds for the F Street Church's new art space when almost 100 people donated a dollar to paint a wood slice ornament with the use of record players.

Inspired by: Gateway Mall

To invite shoppers at Gateway Mall to take the time to consider the charitable act of making art while providing handmade decorations for the mall's Christmas tree. Every ornament was made with a dollar donation in order to raise funds to stock the new art space at the F Street Community Church.


Over 100 people were intrigued enough and delighted by the concept of painting a small slice of cedar wood while it was slowly spinning on a record player to stop and give it a dollar and a try. Not only were all the finished ornaments a lot of fun, so were all the smiles.