Welcome to ArtReach Project #8
The Mobiles for Madonna Project
Feb-March 2017

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska is a place where miracles happen. Just ask Marla Buresh, the volunteer coordinator, who sees them every day as patients rebuild their lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This isn't just a place for grown-ups, however, as many pediatric patients have made the world-class Alexis Verzal Children's Rehabilitation Unit of this very special place their home away from home too. We at The ArtReach Project wish to make each room as beautiful and inspiring as these pediatric patients by installing some art in each private room. This is the #mobilesformadonna project and we can't wait to see what our youth artists and families come up with next!

Inspired by: The Alexis Verzal Children's Rehabilitation Unit of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, NE

The goal is to make mobiles for the pediatric patients in the Alexis Verzal Unit at Madonna Rehab. The mobile is a decorative and whimsical piece of art that hangs from a single point, suspended by wire and string, and made up of shapes from various materials. The mobile's parts revolve independently with the slightest change of air flow in a room. The visual impact comes from the way the pieces move and shift as they hang and spin, all perfectly balanced while breathing life into the quietest of places. Watching its calm movements brings serenity, thoughtfulness and creativity where invisible air currents bring infinite variations of each shape through space and light. Our hope is that the creativity that goes into each piece serves to stimulate the mind and tickle the imagination of each person who sees it.


Almost 150 makers created 30 mobiles to be given to the pediatric patients and their families at Madonna Rehab Hospital. The mobiles range from petite and playful to big and bold and engage viewers of all ages with their whimsical ways of floating, spinning, twisting, and dodging while suspended in the air currents of the room. The supplies were simple; paper, yarns, fabrics, coffee filters, ribbons, sticks, hula hoops, etc, which only adds to the dramatic impact of how easy it is to make something out of what you might have on hand.