Welcome to ArtReach Project #9
The Messages Matter Project
March-May 2017

The words we say matter and can be used to destroy or encourage, to diminish or inspire, and to discourage or bring hope. While playing around with different materials such as printing with gelli plates, creating collages with mixed media paper and fabric, and simply drawing with oil pastels and paint, we encouraged people to make a message, either individually or as a group, that had meaning and perhaps said something encouraging, inspiring and fun in quirky and creative ways.

A selection of these messages, from the ArtReach student artists, will be printed and paired with suicide prevention information as part of a collaborative project, traveling exhibit and future ArtReach Project in the fall of 2017.


Inspired by: Imagination and Possibilities!

The goal of this project is to use art as a positive force and let it speak messages of kindness to those who interact with, view, and receive them as part of our give one/get one philosophy of making art not only to keep but to give away.


During the 6 week project, 150 makers cranked out positive messages and images on 6x6 foam core and cardboard tiles. We used mixed media methods such as gelli plate printing, collage, oil pastels, and painting to produce a gallery display of 47 images plus two large collaborative wall hangings. More than a dozen of these messages were turned into art prints and paired with a suicide prevention awareness message for the Reflection of Hope Project. These art prints serve a dual purpose as handouts that are complimentary to the public and as part of a traveling interactive exhibit that carries a powerful message of help and hope.