Welcome to ArtReach Project #13
The Loved in Lincoln Project

This is simply a celebration of random acts of art making.

ArtReach is in the community.
With the community.
For the community.

Gathering people.
Creating art.
Making a difference.

One project at a time.

Inspired by: The process of creating community while making art.

The goal of the #LovedinLincoln Project is to share not only time and supplies with people but ideas and inspiration too.
We believe that every person is creative and that creativity is something that can both Grow and Give when we Gather to make stuff together. So invite ArtReach to your next community event or gathering and let's see what we can dream up!


In its first two years of operation, The ArtReach Project has engaged over 3,500 people with 13 different projects that all carry the collaborative model of making art in, with and for the community.

YOU stopped long enough to help make a pinwheel, a clay heart, a weaving, or a small drawing. YOU donated supplies and time and transportation. YOU watched us on the news, read about us in the paper, and heard about us on the radio. YOU joined us for classes, art making events and parties from conferences to coffee shops. YOU have danced with us, drawn with us, and even walked into a life-sized Van Gogh painting with us.

ArtReach cannot do this without YOU.

You are creative.
You make a difference.

Thank YOU.