Welcome to ArtReach Project # 7
The Hopeful Hearts Project
January-February 2017

Everyone recognizes them. They are simple to make.
And each one is unique so it feels special to receive one.

They are Hopeful Hearts and each bears the creativity of its maker. Have you ever had an encounter with someone, whether friend or foreigner, after which you wished you could have given them a little token of love or encouragement? Well that's what this project is all about. Together we can gather to make these little tokens of love in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday and then spread a little cheer in our world as we spontaneously give them when someone touches our heart in a special way.

Project Dates: January 9- February 14, 2017


Inspired by: The ArtReach Project, a new year, and a new hope for life, love, and community to flourish.

In addition to local inspiration, The ArtReach Project partnered with Project Panali to send these thoughtful gifts to the kids of Panali, Nicaragua. Bryan Olesen of VOTA traveled from Nebraska to Nicaragua in February with 440 hearts in hand for the people in this village where he hopes to find support for children and families through FH’s child sponsorship program.

Thank you for coming alongside Project Panali, led by a partnership between Food for the Hungry (FH), MyBridge Radio, and local Christian rock band VOTA’s new Music Mission, as they work to care for the needs of families in poverty-stricken Panali, Nicaragua.

Every heart made and given is a heart reached and touched!


This 5-week project engaged 140 makers, from the very young to the young-at-heart, who made a total of 655 polymer clay hearts. The results were astoundingly beautiful. While 215 remained local and given away by their makers, 440 hearts were sent to the children and families of Panali, Nicaragua. Our hope is that each and every recipient will know that they are loved and cared about in a very creative way.