Welcome to ArtReach Project #10
The Cardboard Village Project
June-July 2017 Summer Camp Program

It is a common theme that runs through our ArtReach Projects...reaching out to others through art. But sometimes you don't have to reach very far to go far.

Lincoln, Nebraska is a community of internationals and newcomers, all of whom bring positive things to our city. The Cardboard Village Project was a 7 week summer camp program from June-July 2017 for youth artists ages 5-14. Each week consisted of a cultural presentation which gave camp artists the unique experience of learning what it's like to live in different places around the world. Students were able to “think outside the box” and build 3D structures of homes/buildings/environments from a different country and culture each week.

The village is open to the public during the month of August as an interactive and self-led exhibit where you can see for yourself what it looks like to call another place home.

Countries/cultures represented:

Nuer community from South Sudan
Guyana, South America
Kurdish refugee camp/Northern Iraq
Sioux tribe of Minnesota
South Korea


Inspired by: The diverse city of Lincoln, NE

The goal of The CardBoard Village Project is to connect the residents of Lincoln with each other in new and creative ways. It is our hope that by learning about and embracing each others' cultures, we will find new friendships and pave the way for peace to prosper.


100 students attended our summer camp and weekly "Little Artists" classes
7 cultural presenters told us their stories
5 art teachers helped guide and direct the creativity
5 architect interns came to teach us how to build the houses
6 supporting businesses funded our scholarships and provided materials and expertise
1 midwestern mall made this all possible by giving us the space and support to make it happen

This year's summer camps were 50% funded by private/corporate donations to our scholarship program which funded 2/3 of our students either partially or in full. We'd like to thank LES, Lincoln Children's Dentistry,Becky Huebner dba Nebraska Home Sales, Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy, BVH Architecture, Eagle Printing, and Gateway Mall for their contributions to this project.