Welcome to ArtReach Project #4
The Art on the Walls at City Impact Project
March-May 2016

Making art with students is what we love so when City Impact asked for some art, made by THEIR students, to display on the walls of their new building, ArtReach said "You bet!"

Inspired by: City Impact

The goal was twofold:

  1. To gauge interest in an art based student group within the current framework at City Impact
  2. To involve interested students in creating artwork to hang on the blank walls of their new building.

A dozen students responded to and were involved in the project. After spending two weeks planning and visualizing the project with the lead artist, Tamara Kaye, the medium of glass mosaic was chosen and 10 total pieces were made in the following six weeks. Students learned the process of conceptualizing a large-scale project, they learned to work individually as well as collaboratively, they learned the skills of prepping a surface with gesso, beginning glass cutting with tools, working with clay to make their own personalized tessarae, and the final task of grouting.