Welcome to ArtReach Project #11
The Stransky Park Art Series
May-August 2017

The tapestry of our lives is a story that's woven over time, it shows our friendships, our loves, our families, and all of our joys and sorrows.

The Stransky Park Art Series is a great reminder that nothing is accomplished alone. We are all composed of the individual threads of experience that come together to form the whole...revealing a picture that our one strand could have never made.

Inspired by: KZUM and The Stransky Park Concert Series

The goal of this project is to invite people to create community while making art. Inspiration comes in many forms and our hope is that this experience will inspire all kinds of new connections within the crowd and the music.


The Stransky Park Art Series took place during 11 weeks of family friendly concerts sponsored by KZUM Radio Station and one Folk & Roots Festival event. About 600 people interacted with ArtReach's weaving and textile projects during the series which produced 11 large scale community art pieces. Over the duration of the project, the culmination of our efforts created a new community hashtag which we invite the community to use while we continue to use it in future ArtReach Projects. #lovedinlincoln