Welcome to ArtReach Project #17
The May Flower Project
May 2018

The month of May reminds us that there are so many important things that can be celebrated with flowers.

  • We are reminded that mothers are important.
  • We are reminded that graduations mark new journeys in life.
  • We are reminded that our country is made great by those who have served and sacrificed.

At The ArtReach Project, we want to give you the opportunity to make a difference by creating the most beautiful flowers to be given away with love. We will show you a technique that uses simple materials, your imagination and a surprise special ingredient! Make as many as you want to make for free and simply pay for the ones you want to keep. As we build up a collection, we will deliver them to a place in the community where they are sure to bring a smile and brighten someone's day.

Lead Artists for this project:
Natalie Joelle Art who chalked 10 large chalkboards with her beautiful original flower designs for us to enjoy.
Barb Nichols of Barb Ann Designs who taught us her techniques for making the amazing paper flowers.

Inspired by: The slow arrival of spring and the beauty of all the flowers in bloom this month

As an act of creative kindness, we'd love to give the flowers away where they will have a lasting impact and to remind the recipients that they are part of a community that loves them.


Almost 200 paper flowers were made through this project during the month of May. Most of those flowers went into creating a beautiful paper garden and banners for the dining area of LifeBrook in the skilled care areas of Eastmont Towers where they will be enjoyed by the residents, two of whom are centenarians (100 or more years old.)