Welcome to the Creative Cafe´

Enjoy some creative time together! We've put together a menu of special ideas and projects for you to pick from.
As part of our model of Giving, we have a "Make two, Give one" Philosophy that we hope you will take advantage of. When you make two, and give one away to a friend or family member you are planting seeds of generosity in our community!
Creative Cafe´ hours are:

  • Thursday 6-9pm
  • Friday 6-9pm
  • Saturday 1-6pm
  • Sunday 1-6pm

Yarn Art Wall Hanging 2/$10 or 1$7


Are your walls making you YAWN? Get all tangled up in your ideas while you create something as unique as you are.

MAGIC WIZARD WAND ~ 2/$10 or 1/$7


Abracadabra. Alakazam. who doesn't love the idea of casting a spell that can make things happen, if only in your imagination. Wave your wand and Wham!

CHARMING TASSEL ~ 2/$10 or 1/$7


Hang it from your backpack, purse or zipper. Dangle it on any other idea you have. We love this tassel because it reflects your personality.

BEADED BUBBLE WAND ~ 2/$10 or 1/$7


Nothing is more fun than bubbles, except perhaps, bubbles blown by this wand! It feels like a wish and looks like a dream. Spread the love...make your own bubble wand today! We'll even give you a homemade bubble recipe to go with it!

Paper Pinwheel ~ 2/$10 or 1/$7

#Watch it spin in a favorite corner or a sunny window and see how it brightens up any room! You're gonna love the bright colors and zigzag surface of this project that is as pleasing to make as it is to share.



Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Upcycle your favorite silhouette and show the world what you love!



Wear a secret that only you know about. This bracelet contains a message that YOU create and spell out using Morse Code. Mystify your friends and make a statement all at the same time!

DANCING RIBBON WAND ~ 2/$10 or 1/$7


Spin, jump, and twirl in a world of color. We'd love to see one in the hands of every child. Make yours and dance like nobody's watching! (Also...good for a kitty toy, too!)