Spotlight Saturday April 28th from 1pm-6pm

It's time for our monthly Spotlight Saturday Event!
We enjoy inviting you to our Creative Gatherings so we put some effort into giving you a reason to stop by and spend some time with us! This month's Spotlight Saturday will bring you THREE live artist demonstrations and the unveiling of The Reading Rocks Project! In addition, our Creative Cafe´ will be launching a new community giving project for you to enjoy. Join us as we stir up some fun for you to participate in and give your creative side a whirl. Can't wait to see you!

Stay and Play


We love it when you stop in and play in our interactive space which is filled with invitations to use your imagination. Learn about our May Flowers Project in the Creative Cafe´, what's on our class schedule for kids art classes, how to volunteer, and about our mission and vision. Be our guests and enjoy some artsy free time!

Join the May Flowers Movement

#We know it's nice to give and receive flowers so we thought we'd spread a little love this coming month by creating a kindness project we are calling "The May Flowers Project." We are clearing off the previous Creative Cafe´ Project Menu to make space for this project and are inviting YOU to stop in and make a difference in our community by giving your time to make a flower simply to give away. Stay and create as many as you'd like and know that your time is well spent! Bouquets will be available for purchase as the "garden" grows!

Tatting Demonstration


Do you know what Tatting is?

Come find out this Saturday as we welcome Liz Bird to our Spotlight Saturday event! She specializes in Victorian, steampunk, and wedding jewelry but also makes custom pieces. Tatting is a technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace. The lace is formed by a pattern of rings and chains formed over a series of cow-hitch or half-hitch knots, called double stitches, over a core thread. Liz will show you how she creates her pieces with a thread and shuttle. Interested? So are we!

Watch a Painter


Max Reis, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumnus who has worked as an art mentor for LPS for the last 14 years, will be joining the ArtReach crowd with his paintbrush in hand. We can't wait to see his latest painting come to life! Come watch while he paints...what a great opportunity to see how it's done!

Observe an Illustration


David Nielsen may be new to Lincoln, but he's not new to the world of entemology and he really enjoys drawing it! "I create realistic art with acrylics and pencil/pen. I focus on entemology (insects) and acarology (mites) with my work. I also like to paint or draw birds or other animals that make me think of good times or experiences I have had in nature as I hope to get others get out and explore. Most of my work is with microfauna so details often go unnoticed by the average person. Many animals like mites and insects are often overlooked as they are thought to be gross which makes my drawings unique because a lot of what I do is try to take an ignored part of science and try to make it artistic to enable those not in that area of science the chance to see it without Google or a scientific journal."