Make a Mortar Board for your favorite Graduate!


Origami is an ancient craft form that has evolved over the past 1,000 years. Learn new developments in orgami and the folding techniques required to make this Graduation Mortar Board gift for your favorite graduate!

This class is open to adults and high school kids with beginner and intermediate origami skills. (Can you crease and fold paper carefully and step-by-step? That's you!)

Participants will have plenty of time to practice with paper in advance of folding "the real thing."

  • Participants will provide the following for *each* mortar board they wish to fold:
    • Two bills in U.S. Currency, one which will be seen (the larger denomination) and one which will not be seen (can be a smaller denomination). Obviously, the larger bill is the one you want to call attention to for your grad!
    • All the bills should be crisp, clean, and with as few creases as possible. Banks are a good source, but the sooner you visit one, the better. A lot of people like to give crisp bills for graduation!
    • Tassels will already be made for you to attach to your finished project, with extra embroidery thread on hand if you'd like to see how it's done. Plenty of different colors of thread will be available too to wrap the tassel in your grad's school color (or one you like)!


Class size is limited to 6 participants per session

Dates and Times:
  1. Saturday, April 21st from 2-3pm
  2. Saturday, May 5th from 2-3pm
  3. Sunday, May 6th from 2-3pm
Paul S. Hoffman
Paul S. Hoffman
About the Artist: Paul S. Hoffman is an Origami officianado and has been folding paper (and other materials) since he was in fifth grade. In addition to folding origami models and figures others have invented, he is working on a book of his own creations he hopes to self-publish one day.