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Based on the belief that children learn best when they are actively engaged in exploration- with each other, with teachers and with their surroundings, the art room consciously utilizes space, color, natural light and attractive and appropriate learning materials to create an environment that teaches as well as nurtures. With an emphasis on creativity, students in The ArtReach Atelier are allowed to exhibit a wide range of personal styles and a variety of creative experimentation. The result is a group whose art is highly individualized, with each student pursuing their own individual interests.

This means child-led teaching in a joyful classroom, and creatively inspired projects with a imagination-based environment that is focused on each child as an individual.

The ArtReach Atelier is a station-based experience that allows children the freedom to explore their own ideas while navigating a carefully designed environment that is designed to lead them through thoughtful interactions with their imaginations. The studio is equipped with a variety of open ended materials which give students a chance to explore, experiment, express themselves, make mistakes, follow through with an idea, plan and then create and share ideas with their peers. These all help children to develop valuable lifelong learning skills that will help them throughout life. It puts them at the center of their learning and gives them the confidence to want to learn in any situation. Students will work in small groups, which means they can really express their ideas.

Sessions in the Atelier last an hour and a half and include three ongoing stations created almost daily along with the option to participate in a special project of the week.

The stations are:

  1. Observational Drawing
  2. Painting Prompts
  3. The TinkerStation

We will have ongoing units of study and if there is considerable interest in a specific topic, we will explore it in different ways over time. Part of the learning environment is being comfortable with and welcoming unexpected directions and distractions that benefit the group or individual.

The most beneficial arrangement for the student is a long-term commitment that allows for their individual growth as they are carefully mentored by the Atelierista.

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